Judicial Endorsements

Hon. Richard Burdge, Jr.

Hon. Robert G. Chu

Hon. Charles A. Chung

Hon. Lisa Mangay Chung

Hon. Tony Cho

Hon. Andrew Cooper

Hon. James Dabney

Hon. Rogelio Delgado

Hon. Gregory Dohi

Hon. Christopher Estes

Hon. Stephen Goorvitch

Hon. Eric Harmon

Hon. David E. Hizami

Hon. Shannon Knight

Hon. Bernie Laforteza

Hon. Joel Lofton

Hon. John Lonergan

Hon. Gilbert Lopez

Hon. Michael S. Luros (Retired)

Associate Justice Eileen Moore

Hon. Rubiya Nur

Hon. Tomson Ong

Hon. Javier Perez

Hon. Kevin S. Rosenberg

Commissioner Lisa Strasser

Hon. Jon Takasugi

Hon. Frank Tavelman

Hon. Richard F. Walmark

Selected Additional Endorsements

Johnathon Ervin – President, Democratic Club of the High Desert

Charles J. Taylor - Board Member and Treasurer, Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council

Bill Paparian -  Former Mayor of Pasadena

Larry Stearn - President / L.A.P.D. Valley Bureau Foundation

Dwight Stirling – CEO and Chairman of the Board, Center for Law and Military Policy

Hyung J. Park -  President, Abraham Lincoln University

Nic Danna - Director of the Office of Military Legal Assistance for the Nevada Attorney General’s Office

Nicholas Tate - Chief Administrative Officer, City of Lansing, Michigan

Paul Freese – Vice-President, Public Counsel

Norman Van Treeck - Former Chief Petty Officer in U.S. Navy and Founder of the Pasadena Legal Group

El Monte Peace Officers Association


**  Titles provided solely for identification purposes